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Coupon Crazy

June 26, 2010

So coupons are pretty much a BIG DEAL these days. They used to be this thing that only old frugal ladies did and held up the lines at stores during the busy time. Now its about survival and you'd better be able to swim with the big Girls and frugal old ladies.
I find myself wanting to be coupon crazy but feel really lazy. I also have really been idolizing grandmothers. My Gma had 11 kids, my husband's had 8. Those were some tough ladies who survived. What I can't seem to keep up with is the expiration dates.
I'm looking to others for help.
ofcourse the TheMoneySavingQueen is a huge hit in my town.
Give it look.
Tell me what did you think about coupons, and has that changed since you've "grown up"?

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